We know it, they know it, do you?

MARCH 28, 2018


Marketing Week this month reported on important new research which proves what we’ve known all along – that radio is amazing.

The report, ‘Re-Evaluating Media’, conducted by independent marketing analytics provider Ebiquity is the most thorough of its kind to date, and proves that radio is one of the most efficient and effective channels a marketer can use.



The growth of online has seen a huge movement of marketing budget to digital media, accounting for 51% of total spend in 2016. But the independent study found that ‘there is a clear disconnect between the scale of investment in online media and the value it delivers’. 

The report suggests that marketers who have increased their online spend to get better targeting and cost-effectiveness may want to reconsider. The evidence showed that radio came out on top for targeting, with flexibility across ‘geography, demographics, context, time of day and day of the week’ and delivered ‘the lowest media cost per thousand by a distance’. 

2017 saw record levels of commercial radio revenue and we know from our own client’s experiences that they are seeing a real return.

That trend is likely to accelerate this year, as businesses re-evaluate their media mix while the Facebook backlash grows. As audiences question their trust in social, radio’s long-held position as the most trusted medium becomes more valuable.



We were pleased to see that the report picked up on how radio coverage can trigger a positive emotional response in its audience. We see real value in the connection that presenters have with their listeners. They are often the first voice we hear in the morning or the last one we hear at night. Anything a presenter says carries great weight: invaluable in the era of fake news. 

The report also identified maximising reach and building frequency as the keys to a radio campaign’s effectiveness. We do this on a daily basis. A one-hour radio junket at our Mayfair studio can reach millions of listeners across the UK, Ireland and internationally. And by choosing the right stations and briefing the talent we can ensure a great interview, meaning your coverage will typically be repeated at least once and mentioned a further five to ten times.



We are in a golden age for radio with over 600 stations and 48.9 million listeners in the UK alone. Radio is thriving in the online age, colonizing every new digital platform so it’s ready and waiting for consumers as they migrate. 

Companies rely on Cameo’s expertise and its trusted relationships with presenters and producers to access this influential and increasingly important medium. Robust research just proves that they are right to.